PAPADIOHOS SA began its activity in 1981 by producing metallic structures, such as buildings, materials for distribution networks, masts, steel supports, gantries fishfarming equipment etc.

In 1984 company’s activity expanded in hot dip galvanizing for full corrosion protection of steel structures and today is the leading company in Greece.

PAPADIOHOS SA is located in Aliveri, Evia in privately owned industrial site of 80.000m2 of which 5.000m2 are roofed facilities.   

“PAPADIOHOS SA” possesses the biggest and the most developed hot-dip galvanizing plant in Greece, with bath dimensions 12,8X1,20X2,20 and production capacity 9tns per hour.

Our services are presented with specialized ways responsibly and effectively and comprise the design and implementation mainly aiming in quality.

Our company is a European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and Association of Industries in Thessaly and in Central Greece (AITCG) member.

The sector of metallic constructions is dealing with:

1)     The construction of Substations of Hellenic Public Power Corporation. The construction of such S / S, which require specialized knowledge and staff, is for our company a large part of its activity. In this area, except from our multiannual partnership with the Public Power Corporation, we have completed many projects in Greece and abroad, working with companies such as SIEMENS SA, ALSTOM GRID HELLAS, ABB SA, EFACEC, ELECTROMEC SA. Etc.

2)     PAPADIOHOS SA belongs to the list of approved suppliers of PPC for 33 different species of low and medium voltage materials.

3)     The construction and installation of masts and metallic lattices for the development of mobile wireless network of OTE SA. For example our company had signed and executed programmatic agreement 5-year (1998-2002) with the Telecommunications for the supply of such materials.

4)     Production of galvanized metallic structures for fish farming and equipment for farms.

5)     Construction of metallic buildings. Our company, takes over the full production (materials, construction, painting, galvanizing) and also assembling of metallic buildings.

6)     Materials’ construction for photovoltaic systems for companies such as OKTOSTEEL, STAVRIDIS SA, AFSARIDIS, IK MICHANIKI etc

PAPADIOHOS SA has an organized transportation department consisting of 6 trucks and a number of smaller vehicles.
The permanent staff of the company consists of 120 employees of various specialties (foremen, welders, galvanizers, assistants, etc.). Company puts more emphasis on continuing education and training of workers, participating in seminars, practical training in new machines etc



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