PAPADIOHOS SA implements implement policies which aim at continuous
achievement of the following:

• Company’s absolute response to customers’ needs and particularities
• Continuous improvement of products’ and services’ quality.
• Continuous improvement of processes’ effectiveness and efficiency.
• Integrity of electromechanical equipment.
• Recognizing and rewarding of hard work.
• Health and safety at work.
• Reduce of the environmental impact.
• Fulfillment of national and Community legislation
• Company’s certification according to ISO9001.
• Company’s certification according to ISO14001.
• Fulfillment of the provisions of EU Regulation 305/2011 for building products and certification of steel structures by CE.
To achieve its objectives, company applies management systems of its production and support processes.

The above are in full accordance with international standards of management
- ISO 9001,
- ISO 14001,
- ISO 45001,
-as well as with national and EU legislation

PAPADIOHOS SA implements Quality Systems according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified by CERTECH.

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